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Buyer Process
Only We Provide This Combination Of Services:

Buying a home can be really scary, you want to make the best decision, you want to make sure the commitment you make is a smart one.

We believe that right now is a great time to buy a home, but not everybody should own a home. This is the time you need to make that decision.

  • Can you afford to be a Homeowner?
  • Have you really considered the Pros and Cons of Home Ownership?
  • Is renting cheaper and better for you.

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The Home Buying Process is a partnership between you and your Agent. Having a Personal Buyer Agent is so important because your agent - partner will take the time to truly understand your needs and to remain in constant communication with you.

Our unique team structure offers an unparalleled diversity of skills, experience, knowledge and productivity so that we are uniquely able to provide you with a written Quality Service Guarantee and an Unconditional Contract Cancellation guarantee so that you are assured that we will deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service.

  • Why do Buyers use us? How do you know we are the best?
  • What is a Buyer's Agent? What does a Buyer's Agent do?
  • Why is a Buyer's Agent essential to a successful home experience?
  • What other unique and personal VIP Buyer Services does the Evelyn Bruder Team provide?

The answer to all of your questions is right here

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financing your home purchase, home mortgage, home loansFinancing Is A Key Step In The Home Buying Process
As your Realtor and trusted advisor, we will tell you that your home hunting process should not begin until you have begun the FINANCING PROCESS.

Many buyers consider the financing process as complex and confusing, but you can count on us to be your advocate, provide advice, assistance, and counsel. We will guide you through the multi-step Financing Process, assist you with each step in turn, provide worksheets and tools, and make sure you obtain the best financing for your specific needs with as little stress and confusion as possible.

Steps In The Financing Process

  • Loan Pre-Qualification - In this first step of the finance process we recommend strongly your first visit to a lender to get a basic understanding about lenders and home loans, but more importantly to get Pre-Qualified –This is a letter from the lender confirming the amount of mortgage and thus the price of home you can afford to buy.


  • Selecting a Lender You need to interview and evaluate lenders their companies, and the products they offer. We will provide a Mortgage Shopping Worksheet to assist you.
  • Selecting a loan A mortgage is a product! There are many different models and prices. Each has a different costs to you, different terms, and different benefits and drawbacks. Each financing options is designed to meet different goals and financial situations. You'll want to compare all of these factors, and we have a chart you can use for comparisons.
  • Shop! Compare! Negotiate! Armed with all the information above, you now can compare products and lenders. Use your Worksheets make lenders and brokers compete with each other for your business. The Lender wants your business. At this point we can now help you to negotiate until you get to the best possible Home Loan at the best possible rate and terms.
  • Pre-Approval & Final Loan Approval and Funding The last two steps are strictlty based on the lender’s company verifying all the financial information that they required you to submit.

The entire Home Financing Process is discussed in detail in our e-book: "The Ultimate Guide to Home Finance." You can immediately download this Step-By-Step guide as an online PDF book, and get all the information details, worksheets, and tools that we have included.

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Now it is time to start the exciting search for home.

It is important that as your Las Cruces Buyer's Agent our communication results in both of us having a clear understanding about the home you are looking for. The unique services we provide (highlighted in bold in the 3-Topics below) will result in finding just the right home that you are looking for.

• We already know from your Pre-Qualification the price range of homes we are looking for.

• Our Home Hunter Worksheet will then reduce to writing all of your wants and needs.

• This communication will allow both of us to independently use our VIP Access MLS Search Tool to see all of the homes for sale in Las Cruces.

We will then share the homes we have each found and refine your criteria to select the listings that most closely meet your needs knowing that this is a daily process as home come on and off the Market.

• From here we will begin to visit our selections since they can vary greatly in person from how they looked online or on paper. Now you are in charge. We will be available at your convenience to show you all homes you have decided that you want to see.

For a detailed discussion:
The Buyer's Guide - a Step by Step Guide to the Home Buying process. (Chapter 4)
The Big Book for the Serious Buyer (Chapter 4)

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Selecting A Home selecting a home in las cruces, buying a home making a selection
There is no doubt that choosing a home is a big decision, and you want to be sure that this is the “right home”.

Because you will see many homes, some you will reject right away, but others you will like.It is best to keep a journal of pluses and minuses of the contenders, using your Home Hunter form with its wants and needs.

You must then take your short list of homes you would purchase and prioritize them against your wants and needs, can you afford to buy this home, and most important is what trade offs are you willing to make. No home will be perfect. You will need to decide on one home by giving up wants for needs and possibly stretching the price you are willling to pay.

You will need to narrow your choices to no more than 2-3 homes. Then you and your Buyer Agent REALTOR® can then meet and go over the specific information and options available if you were to make an offer to purchase each of these finalists.All of the factors that you will need to consider in your next step the actual Offer to Purchase a Property.

For a detailed discussion:
The Buyer's Guide - a Step by Step Guide to the Home Buying process. (Chapter 5)
The Big Book for the Serious Buyer (Chapter 5)

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offer to purchase a home, buying a las cruces nm homeMake an Offer on a Home
Once you have finalized the decision about the home you want to buy, we will prepare an Offer to Purchase that represents the most favorable price and terms for you.

This is where The Evelyn Bruder's Las Cruces Real Estate Dream Team's knowledge of the market, our experience, and our relationship as Your Buyer's Agent will benefit you the most.

The Preparation of the offer:
#1. Many buyers think the price they offer is the most important consideration. Using our market expertise, we will advise you on how much to offer based on the fair market value of the home.

#2. There are many other factors (questions to answer) that represent the terms or additional details that go into the offer. This step may save or cost you a significant amount of money - the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • What things in and around the home do you want included with the sale?
  • Which contingencies to the offer do you need to protect you?
  • What inspections and repairs do you want included?
  • There are a number of costs which are incurred between contract and closing.
    • How the contract is written will determine which closing costs you will pay for, and which the seller will pay.
#3. What may save you the most money and get you all that you want in the property you are purchasing is the "Negotiating of the Contract" with the Seller. We will work vigorously FOR YOU by negotiating with the seller and their agent to get you a Final Contract of Sale with the lowest possible price and best terms possible.

For a detailed discussion:
The Buyer's Guide - a Step by Step Guide to the Home Buying process. (Chapter 7)
The Big Book for the Serious Buyer (Chapter 5)

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Transaction Management, Contract to Purchase a home, Closing on the sale of a homeContract to Closing

This portion of the home buying process is known as Transaction Managment.
While you are hard at work packing and planning your move, your Realtor continues to work hard for you to coordinate the transaction to a successful close. Lenders, Inspectors, and Title Companies are just some of the†many other professionals that your Realtor will continue to work with to ensure that you will arrive at closing prepared.

In order to fulfill our promise of a no hassle and successful real estate transaction, The Evelyn Bruder Team has dedicated Transaction Managers. Fulfilling the terms of the contract is critical since any mistakes at this stage can result in default, or a closing that just doesn''t happen.

Transaction Managers' only job is to make sure all the "contingencies" in the contract are met by both parties on time. They deal with the appraiser, lender, and inspectors. They make insurance, warranties, and coordinate with title company to be sure the closing process is complete and ready for signatures by both buyer and seller.Time to closing usually takes about 30 days from an executed Purchase Contract. This mainly depends on the buyer's financing availability, successful home inspection completion, and various lender conditions (ex. title search, title insurance, surveys and appraisals).

The closing process is the transfer of the title and possession of the property from the seller to the buyer. The buyer will receive the keys to the home or the deed to the land, while the seller receives payment for the property and all contractual costs agreed to by the parties and Title Company, financing and governmental costs are settled. All legal papers are filed with the local record office.

It is important that the buyer takes a final walk-through of the property to make sure the property's condition has not changed. It is equally important for both the buyer and seller to make sure the paperwork they are signing reflects the agreement of the original sale.

The detailed discussion of transaction management and closing can be found in:
The Buyer's Guide - a Step by Step Guide to the Home Buying process. (Chapter 8 & 9)
The Big Book for the Serious Buyer (Chapter 6)

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moving into your new las cruces homeWhat's Next?

The home is yours, but there are several more steps you''ll want to take.

  • Those papers you received at settlement are extremely valuable, so hold on to them!
  • Also at closing, You want utility bills to be paid in full by owners as of closing and you also want services turned on and billing transferred to your name.
  • Contact your local property records office and confirm that your deed has been officially recorded.
  • Moving in It is does not mean "vacuumed" or "spotless." It means the house is ready to be painted and cleaned.
  • For Security and for insurance purposes, many owners make a photo or video record of the home and their possessions. You want to maintain fire, theft and liability insurance.

Lastly, enjoy your home. What is most important is that home ownership is a wonderful accomplishment. Enjoy!

For a detailed discussion:
The Buyer's Guide - a Step by Step Guide to the Home Buying process. (Chapter 10)

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Choosing a Realtor Financing Is Key Finding Your New Home Selecting A Home Making an Offer Contract to Closing What's Next?

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